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Visit our Etsy Shop or contact us directly to make purchases. 


Purchases currently have to be made via our Etsy shop or contact us directly by email


Beautiful Living

We LOVE to participate in small vendor events as well as larger expos. Please contact us for our availability.


The PURE Gene-ius Collection

Handmade in small batches. 


The Lip Collection

The PURE GENE-IUS collection is a hand made and hand poured collection comprised of natural oils and butters and curated into something special for your lips. 

Lip Oil- Balm

These balms have been specially made with combinations of natural oils, butters, and essential oils. Hand made and hand poured, the are just what your lips have been waiting for.

Olive Branch and Olive Oil
Shiny Lip Gloss

"Thick" Lip Oil

Our thick lip oil is for those who love the natural beauty that exists within lip oils, but want a thicker product that lasts longer and is not as runny. The thick lip oil, is made of natural oils, butters, essential oils, and added fragrance. Available in strawberry and papaya.

Glossy Lip Oil

Our Glossy lip oil stays true to its name. A play on lip gloss, it maintains a shine sure to please. Glossy is a combination of our coveted lip oil and a lip gloss. Perfect for a natural look with shine.

Lip Gloss
Image by Pharma Hemp Complex

Lip Oil Salve

This product, true to our brand is made of natural oils, butters, and essential oils. What sets the salve apart is the texture. The salve is harder than the other products, but soft enough to not need a twist tube. So be prepared to slather your lips with this amazing product.

Lip Oil like Butter

This product is so smooth you'd think it was butter. Our Lip Butter line features two products. One with Eastern African Shea Butter and the other with Western African Shea Butter. Each shea offers unique qualities that I would impore you to research. The Eastern She is ivory in color and contains a greater Oleic content. The Western Shea is yellow in color. Either option will leave your lips looking amazing and both products feel great!


About Us

Where It All Began

With a passion for culture and for meeting the needs of the community, BeautyAdourned was created to ADORN you all with ways for self expression. That goal has created a line of curated and created enamel pins that tell a story. The next step was to adorn your wrists with our Build Your Own charm bracelets. Choose your bangle style and go from there. The next era of adornment ushers in PURE GENE-IUS by BeautyAdourned. A line of hand made artisan Lip Balms, butters, and whipped body products.


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